Meeting Management

Eliminate unnecessary and inefficient meetings! With our software for better meeting and decision management, you can bring more structure to your processes and realize the potential of your meetings.

Meeting Preparation

Create meetings quickly and easily in the system, invite participants and send the agenda in advance. Add attachments and schedule time slots to plan the meeting. Digital notes at agenda points or in PDF attachments further facilitate preparation.

Meeting Execution

Enter the meeting directly in the software – ideal for face-to-face and virtual meetings. Retain track of time with the built-in timer as well as a dynamic color bar, and create minutes in the software during the meeting. The result: shorter, more efficient meetings that save everyone valuable time and have maximum impact.

Meeting follow-up

After the meeting, the minutes can be easily edited, shared, commented, signed, shared, and downloaded in PDF or Word format. In the aftermath, the implementation of decisions and to-dos enters the system live and can be strategically tracked.

All of these features help you run more productive meetings, significantly improving your decision management.

Let’s take it to the
next level together!

Do you want to bring more clarity and structure to your meetings and decisions? Do you want to strategically track the implementation of your decisions to increase their impact? With our easy-to-use and highly secure Leadership Impact Management (LIM) software, you can tap the full potential of leadership. We would be happy to clarify how we can support you in a digital conversation.